MINEPDED/2024 National Day Celebration Synchronised flag-hoisting ceremony and singing of the national anthem

4 juin 2024

As announced yesterday by Mr. HELE Pierre, Minister of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, the flag-hoisting ceremony took place at the esplanade of Ministerial Building No. 2.
Minister HELE Pierre, alongside the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Mr. Jules Doret NDONGO, as well as several leading figures from the four Ministries located within the building, led the entire staff in this solemn gathering, under the coordination of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, represented by its Technical Adviser No. 1, Dr. Paschal AWAH.

Punctuality was the order of the day, as the National Flag was hoisted at 7.30am, and the National Anthem, sung in English and in French respectively.
The event provided an opportunity to highlight the importance of the National Anthem, as well as the meaning and symbolism of the flag-hoisting ritual. A handout on the national symbols and emblems was equally distributed to everyone present which bore short notes on the anthem, flag, official languages, form of State, seals and coats of arms, motto, amongst others.

Last modified: 4 juin 2024

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