A word by the Minister

For a long time now, environmental and sustainable development issues have been intrinsically linked to the notion of future. The threat on our Planet is real and PRESENT. However, the battle to ensure its preservation is our legacy to future generations. The “clean” World we are striving to maintain and even to restore is a good place to live for our children. In Cameroon, the Government, under the impetus given by His Excellency President Paul BIYA who, through his vision for the ecology, has always made Cameroon’s voice to be heard on current major sectoral issues such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, combating pollutions, etc., and has put in place specific policies underpinned by international commitments, which, however, are always adapted to urgent local issues. However, in a view to implementing these actions and programmes, we felt it would be useful to strengthen our communication system and invest more resolutely in the digital world. We are fully aware of the opportunities generated by Information

and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to pass on the message and inform on the major actions carried out by Cameroon as its contribution to the process.

This Website was thus updated in this perspective. As from now on, everyone will have the opportunity to know minute by minute who we are and what our activities are. Through a-one touch click, figure and picture, everyone will have access to our institutional structures, programmes, activities in the field, local and international partners, news on our territorial relays, the results obtained in the various areas of intervention and other information. This platform is equally a forum for more interactions in a view to collecting your feedbacks, questions, worries and suggestions on each of these aspects, because, as all of you fully know, environment is EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. The Website’s frequent updating is only the first step in this approach, which will be extended to other platforms for more visibility and proximity.

(Sgd) HELE Pierre