6 septembre 2023

The Minister of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, HELE Pierre, has received an evaluation mission from the Commonwealth Secretariat General based in London, United Kingdom.

Mrs. Evelyn Pedersen, Head of Evaluation and Learning in the Strategy, Portfolio, Partnerships and Digital Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat General, was granted audience on Monday, 19 June by Minister HELE Pierre accompanied by the Minister Delegate, Dr. NANA Aboubakar DJALLOH and the Secretary General of MINEPDED, Prof. Paul TCHAWA.

This audience falls within the framework of the Country Evaluation Mission undertaken by the Commonwealth Secretariat in order to evaluate the effectiveness of multi-sectoral cooperation between Cameroon and the Commonwealth.

At the close of the one-hour audience, the Minister of Environment and his guest revisited the state of implementation over the past five (5) years and ways of improving the areas of bilateral cooperation between MINEPDED and the Commonwealth, notably Climate, Ocean Protection/Blue Charter, Finance access, etc.

It should be noted that the Commonwealth, as an international organisation, offers its member States financial support and technical expertise to facilitate their development in various sectors of activity. This Commonwealth Secretariat’s Evaluation Mission is being carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX). Also, Mrs. Pedersen was accompanied by a significant delegation from the Commonwealth Department of MINREX.

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