Communication, Education and Public Awareness on Friendly Environmental Practices: MINEPDED encourages a project focused on One Million Pupils, One million Trees

4 octobre 2022

The Minister H.E HELE Pierre, accompanied by the Minister Delegate Dr. NANA Aboubakar DJALLOH received in audience on Monday, August 29 in his Cabinet, a team of the Communication Organ Media-Pro led by Ms Rose EPIE MBOLE, and Promoter of a project for the Preservation of Biodiversity.

The conversation, which lasted about two hours, focused on the merits and challenges of this National Tree Planting Project Initiative in Primary Schools, this commitment to Ms EPIE is to fight against climate change, and biodiversity loss.

Apart from the actions on the ground, the structure promoting the project, plans to carryout a National Communication Campaign on best Environmental Practices, particularly through television and through culture, as evidenced by the presence in the delegation, of a code named “Miss Biodiversity”.

It is the wish of H.E. HELE Pierre that this fundamental solution to fight against deforestation be given attention, while congratulating the Promoter of the project for this initiative,which will help the population to have a better understanding of reforestation, and the importance of saving trees, he called on the competent technical services of MINEPDED to accompany the project. He also encouraged the involvementnent of other Stakeholders like the different Clubs of Friends of Nature, and local structures especially those who work in close collaboration with MINEPDED.

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